Minggu, 09 September 2012

Female erotica

Female erotica -
  • Statues, sculptures and even smaller sexual artifacts can be erotic. Body art and elements of fashion (including lingerie) can also be stimulating. Sensual dance, risqué performance art and even live sex shows are other avenues for erotic adventure.
  • Not all erotic art will arouse you directly but may just trigger interesting thoughts and sexy ideas.
    Like it, love it or leave it, at least be open to experimenting with various types and styles of erotica. With an open mind, the power of choice and an enthusiastic sense of adventure, a wealth of erotic possibilities are available for you to discover and enjoy. Becoming aware of how and why you respond to specific nuances of the material will give you insights into each other's erotic nature. And, with a greater, more intimate understanding of yourself and your lover, you have the foundation to build a better relationship together.

    Consider creating your own erotic art together. Highlight what you find beautiful and attractive about your lover or yourself. Take a life drawing or digital photography course together and practice expressing yourselves as artist or subject. You can use a computer paint application to enhance your work before making a print to hang on your wall.

    Or create a slide show for your digital picture frame. Alternatively, try crafting an erotic story, poem or screen play detailing one of your fantasies. You can even film your own erotic scenes and use video editing software to create a sexual master piece. Have fun making and enjoying your erotic art together in what ever form you desire. The more you think about sex together, the more you will want it together.

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